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WESTERN RENAISSANCE is a lobby and support organisation on behalf of the troubled Western world, and its indigenous, Caucasian peoples. Funding is generated via donations to, and membership. Individual memberships are £5 per year. Organisations, or groups of individuals, can become members through the bloc membership system, whereby the annual fee is simply taken on account of the numbers of each group or organisation. Donations are at the discretion of those contributing. The lobbying and support network will be operated via the WESTERN RENAISSANCE EMBASSY, and its appointed legal representative in the form of a WESTERN RENAISSANCE AMBASSADOR.


The survival, rights and support of the Caucasian Western peoples is paramount, but the Western Renaissance is not meant to supercede, or replace any group, political party, or any organisation where people pay membership fees, donate, or take part in political activity. It is an international Umbrella organisation, with a support structure, using legal lobbying rights in tandem. Similar cultural and ethnically sentient organisations have specific lobby groups that target educational, political, commercial, and religious leaders, in requesting help with their cause, or to rectify a perceived harm done to them. On the other hand, patriotic community leaders, writers, activists and professionals in communities around the world from those of Caucasian origin, are bereft of such options. Western Renaissance, exists to create hitherto unheard of opportunities, lobbying for social justice, jobs, the basic human right of association, and continued freedom of speech for the indigenous, Western European peoples, their culture, and the Socio-Eonomic stability of this, and future generations.


Western Renaissance is a non-profit based organisation, relying solely on membership and donations. All donations will be used to fulfill its obligations and aims, as outlined in this constitution. This can happen only once sufficient funding allows. Until such funding has reached the appropriate working capital, and an administration and banking facility has been instituted legally, the founder(s) cannot accept membership applications. Donations are NOW legally acceptable. Therefore, Western Renaissance, now has legal operating status.


                                            DONATIONS CAN BE DIRECTLY TRANSFERED TO BARCLAYS BANK PLC

                                       MADE OUT TO: Western Renaissance. Sort Code 202720  Account No 13615316




Important Notice: Western Renaissance is not a 'comments based' blog. It is a contact and action facility, purposely avoiding the millions of similar internet sites, debating, arguing, and writing endlessly, about various topics and problems. It is meant to promote it's constitution in an uncomplicated format, and encourage confidence, in both the individual, and/or groups etc, in financially contributing to the eventual building of a physical Embassy, and acting in relation to the said Constitution. However, as funds allow, the organisation will open up a professional email/telephone, and media network, with staff paid to facilitate all we wish to accomplish on behalf of our people. 


Email - westernrennaissance@gmail.com


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